Read your favorite RSS / Feeds in your #NextCloud

Read your favorite RSS / Feeds in your #NextCloud

NextCloud offers many options and one of them is the possibility to read the RSS or feeds of your favorite sites through the News application for NextCloud.

NextCloud is the great alternative of free software to be able to put in march a personal "cloud" on either a vps, a server or a board like Raspberry Pi or similar.

The community of NextCloud develops a multitude of tools using the power that NextCloud offers. In this case we will see News, a reader of RSS that you can install and access from anywhere.

Before you start if you do not know what is that of RSS or feeds I recommend this article on the Izaro website:

I have used software such as Plasma Akregator, RSS Guard QuiteRSS or TinyTinyRSS. I've become accustomed to options "in the cloud" in difference with local options, that is, readers only on a computer.

Until a week ago, I had been using it for a while TinyTinyRSS as a reader, installed on my Raspberry Pi, but due to an incident, I had to reinstall and now I am testing the RSS reader available for NextCloud. [19659003] News, is available from the NextCloud application installer just search for it and install it. News, allows the import of .opml files from other RSS readers.

So you can quickly subscribe to your favorite RSS if you use other readers and export their configuration in that format. There are also clients with whom you can connect.

You have more information and details on your repository on GitHub . I also just found out that the project is looking for people who want to keep it and continue it do you dare to take charge of this utility, learn and hack in a community of free software ?

Accustomed as I was to TinyTinyRSS, in News, I miss some things. Things like mark an article as a favorite or a search engine. If you dare to collaborate or keep the project, I'll give you a couple of tasks to work on!  馃槈

Something that seems fundamental to me of an RSS reader is to be able to access it from any device to the central service, so that everything is synchronized and better to do it in an own solution without depend on third parties.

The RSS format is a great tool when it comes to staying informed of many websites and accessing articles that interest us without having to visit all the websites to check if there is something new published that might interest us.

If you have a NextCloud, you may want to try this application and be able to connect to it, either through the application itself or with a compatible client. You can try it with this same blog that you are reading:


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